Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book review

This book is not really about a girl who can speak for the dead. It's about a girl and her twin brother who trick people into thinking that she can speak for the dead. Her method, called spirit knocking, is a little far fetched. In fact, much of this book is quite unrealistic.

In the intro, the author asks for the reader to "suspend disbelief" while reading. I can do that. I love books that require the reader to suspend disbelief. I love getting lost in a world that is different from the one that we live in. I think it's a bad sign when the author has to tell you to do it though. It's like when someone tells a joke, then asks you if you get it. When a book is well written, you just fall into it and believe whatever the author is telling you as fact. The writing here is too immature though. The writer had great ideas and a good story to tell, but it never quite got there. There were pieces of the story that deserved more attention (the tunnel, the connection between the twins) and pieces of the story that get way too much attention (the magician).

Overall, it was still a decent read. The author made me care enough to wanteto see what would happen to the characters in the end.

There were stylistic things that turned me off too. First names were used way too much and the viewpoint seemed to switch a few times, but I did read an uncorrected proof, and I hope that those few things will be rectified before the final copy comes out.

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