Monday, April 4, 2011

March 2011 Book Summary

 March was a weird month for me book wise. I am counting it as a six book month. Two of the books were textbooks though. I feel like I need to count them because they took up so much of my reading time.

This month I visited Pennsylvania, Washington, and New York through my books. Well, some other places as well, like Alaska, and Jerusalem, but these are the three main states that I listed on my map. 

The Warren Ellis book's setting was a fictional place, so I mapped it in the northern Pacific, just for fun. Since my textbooks don't have a setting, I mapped those in the north Pacific as well, just so they would be listed on my maps page.

Reviews and ratings can be found on my LibraryThing page.

The Girl Who Would Speak for the Dead by Paul Elwork

McKnight's Physical Geography: A Landscape Appreciation by Darrel Hess

 MP Medical Terminology: Language for Health Care by Nina Thierer

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

Great House by Nicole Krauss

Transmetropolitan Vol. 01: Back on the Street by Warren Ellis

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