Monday, April 19, 2010

So much to do, so little time.

80 days until we leave for Alaska. There is so much going on in those 80 days though, I get stressed just thinking about it all. Part of my effort to de-stress is to list out all of the things that are coming up and the things that I need to do. Hopefully, seeing it in list form will help me realize that it is all doable.

This week Ashley has her piano lesson, Confirmation class and a band trip to the Dells. We are having a painter come over to look at the bedrooms and give an estimate on Tuesday. Saturday, my parents are coming up to go to the Farmer's Market and the Great Midwest Alpaca Fest with us. Sunday we have church and then are taking all of the Confirmation kids to a movie.

Next week, Ashley has a piano lesson, teaches a piano lesson and has Confirmation class. She will be spending the whole weekend in the Dells with middle school students from Methodist churches around the state. While she is enjoying herself at the retreat in the Dells, Christopher and I will be home with the painters.

In the month of May, Ashley has weekly piano lessons, both her lessons and the lessons that she teaches. She has one last Confirmation class. On the 8th, we are having her Confirmation party at the AmericInn and on the 9th is the actual church Confirmation ceremony. We will be having guests from out of town and out of state for the party. I still have to plan the meals and what we are going to do to entertain our guests.
I have some meetings at the school for planning the 8th grade dance and completion ceremony. Ashley's birthday is May 23rd and she has another weekend away at one of the Methodist camps. Her group will be prepping cabins for the upcoming camping season. Ashley has an ortho appointment and all three of us have dentist appointments. There is a band concert and a Jazz band concert. In addition to all of this, work will be a little more hectic than usual because a coworker is off for 6 weeks for medical reasons. I will be doing her job as well as my own during that time.

In June, there is a big Band concert, the 8th grade completion ceremony, the 8th grade dance, exams and another trip to the Dells. Then Ashley is off for a class trip to Washington DC for a week.She has her regular twice a week piano commitments as well.

Finally, July will be here and we will be off to Alaska for 8 days. As always, twice weekly piano when we are at home.

Then in August, Ashley will be at piano camp for a week in addition to her twice weekly Piano lessons.

Okay, so June, July and August are okay. Those months are full of travel and fun. It's the rest of April and May that are going to drive me wild.
I have to work on reminding myself that I am blessed to have family that comes to visit and a happy, healthy daughter who is involved in many activities. We have not always had the money and/or vacation time to take trips, I am very grateful that at this time, we have both. Most of all, I am blessed to have a loving husband who bears all of this with me.

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