Monday, April 26, 2010

My office

I don't have a very important position at my job, but I somehow ended up with a 2nd floor office with windows and a balcony. I also have the wonderful working hours of 7am-3pm. The office is a good size, I think it's 10X17 or something like that. When I got this office, I also got to pick out brand new office furniture, paint color for the walls and carpeting. I picked out a great desk and hutch and a thousand dollar chair. I have my own laser printer and have a $400 painting on loan from the artist. I have a suction cup bird feeder on my window and get mourning doves, sparrows and red winged blackbirds. There is a pond behind the building and we are located next to a kayak rental place, so everyday in the summer I get to watch kayakers and everyday in the winter I get to watch the ice fishermen. I have a view of the beltline, which I love. It's nice to watch the cars zip on by. I get to listen to the music that I want to listen to all day long.
I work .9 miles from my husband, so we car pool everyday. He drops me off in the morning, then at lunch we walk together.

I love my office. Love it, love it, love it. I don't make much money, but I have this great space that is all my own.
I have been able to decorate my office with things that I wouldn't necessarily have out at home. I may be a geek, but my living room won't give that away. Unless you look at the computer desk........ :)

So, my office. Here's the inventory.

Pictures - lots and lots of pictures. Pictures of me, my husband, our daughter (at various ages), my niece and nephews, my backyard, my grandparents in law, my sister in law, my husband's cousin's kids, the Capital building and flowers from Olbrich.
I have plants; a pothos, a palm, jade and bamboo. I also have a light bulb terrarium that my husband made for me with an air plant in it.
I have owls. Owls, owls everywhere. A stuffed owl, two wooden owls and an owl made of feathers. (That sounds odd, but it's really very cute.)
I have some fake flowers, a pretty green vase, a miniature Union chair, candles, a wire birdcage and a globe. I have two small paintings of orchids, and a small print of Marc Chagall's "Birthday".
Then I have my toys. I have a littlest petshop chinchilla, a welsh corgi figurine, Spock, Han Solo and Princess Leia action figures, a storm trooper on at AT-ST, a stuffed Domo and a plush talking tribble.
I have a small T.A.R.D.I.S, a framed Boba Fett trading card and one of Luke Skywalker.
I also collect banana stickers and have many of them on my wall. Stickers that come on bananas, not stickers with bananas on them. That would be silly.

So there you have it. That's my office and why I love it. Next time I start to complain about my job, remind me to read this post.

Oh yeah, 73 days until Alaska. Not that I'm anxious or anything....

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