Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's almost Christmas. yea?

Christmas shopping is done. In fact, I think I may have over bought. I am pretty sure that we will have a few extra generic gifts left over.

I have the Christmas cards ready to mail, I just have to pop them in a mailbox.

I do still have to wrap presents which is the worst part if the whole holiday.

Christopher and I just bought gifts for ourselves. It is so much nicer to get exactly what we want. I got a few new outfits, several books and some snow boots.

Christopher got a video game, a new pocket watch, some books and the entire X-Files series on DVD. 201 episodes. Wowza.

I am not looking forward to the traveling, I hate spending that much time in the car and I am a homebody. I wish that we were geographically closer to family so we could spend time together but still come home at night.

I went to the Opthomologist about my eyes. It turns out that I have eczema on my lower eyelids, which explains the redness and swelling. I have a steroid cream to use now. I'm not really happy to steroids so close to my eyes, but I guess I have to.
My presription changed significantly. I decided not to get new frames, I just got new lenses. I am hard on my lenses, so I got the top of the line this time. Over $300 just for the lenses! But these are lightweight and thinner than regular plastic lenses. The are scratch resistant and non reflective. The prescription changed so much that I got motion sickness after putting on the new prescription! Things still look wierd. Everything looks like it is in 3D. It's like I am seeing everything for the first time!

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