Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas shopping in Chicago

Saturday my mother, my daughter and I took a bus down to Michigan Avenue in Chicago for some holiday shopping. There are buses that go every year, and every year I think that it would be fun to go. This year, we finally did it.

I don't like malls very much, or very large stores, or even crowds of people. The crowd thing doesn't bother me if there is a purpose to the crowd, or if the crowd keeps moving. I love going to rallies and marches, which are large crowds./ I think the difference is that at a rally or a march, there is no actual destination to get to and every person is there for the same reason and in the same mindset. When I am at Summerfest or a mall, all of the people are headed to different places and thier minds are all over the place. I digress.....So, I hated the crowd on Michigan Avenue and in the stores.

In American Girl Place, there were all these rabid mothers trying to grab up dolls and accessories for their kids. Mostly, the kids stood back looking dazed. Ashley was getting a doll that looked like her and I told her she would need to get the doll from the shelf. She is a very polite girl, and tried to say "Excuse me" to get to the front to grab what she needed. She was ignored and even pushed by a grown woman. The shelves were full, I really doubt that the store would have run out of anything, and still these women were so nasty. Ashley got quite upset, as did I, but we got past it and decided to try to enjoy the rest of the day.

We went to a few different stores, but the only places we really bought anything were Body Shop, Sephora, Swatch, Tiffany's, American Girl, The Hello Kitty Store, Hershey, Lindt, The Puzzle Box and Lego. We spent was too much money but the only one of those stores that we have in Madison is Sephora, so I felt that it was okay to spend the money since we rarely get to the other stores.

My mom bought both Ashley and I a Swatch! When I was Ashley's age, I had several Swatches and would chnage out the bands and put on different swatch guards to go with my outfits. I loved swatches! Ashley got one that has cute, crazy little squirrels on it and mine is black with japanese flowers on it. Thanks Mom!

We went to Tiffany & Co. with the intention of just looking. Well, some evil spirit with no regard for money took over for a while there and I ended up with a necklace and charm and Ashley ended up with a ring. *sigh* At least we both feel special for having something from Tiffany's. :)

Overall, it was an okay day. I will not make the trip again, there were too many fancy people carried their little yippy dogs and wearing fur coats for my liking.

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