Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ashley's home!

Ashley returned home yesterday after spending 4 days with my parents. She was so ready to be home that she turned down a trip to the mall just to get home soooner! That kid was REALLY homesick.

My mom told her that she was "not normal" because she wears too much black. The thing is, although Ashley likes black clothing, the kid doesn't even own a pair of black pants! She mostly wears jeans (blue, pink or purple) and black t shirts with logos. That is a far cry from dressing all in black being or abnormal.

Then mom was talking to Ashley about horses and Ashley said that she likes horses, but they intimidate her. Mom's response? "Why, because they are beautiful?" (in a snotty tone of course). Ashley was floored, wondering would Grandma say this implying that Ashley is not beautiful?

Ashley is a little sensitive, but she is a hormonal pre teen, I think it is normal that she is a little sensitive. My mother, is a nearly 60 year old adult who behaves more like a child than Ashley does most of the time.

Mom also called my to tell me that Ashley's coat was dirty and that she (mom) was embarrassed to be seen in public with Ashley because of the dirty coat. Ashley was wearing her skiing jacket, it is by no means filthy, she was skiing last week and there are a few spots on the coat, but it's not too bad. It still floors me at times how shallow my mom can be.

When mom was at our place yesterday, she was cold, so Ashley offered her a crocheted shall that I made. Mom refused the shall after looking at it, visibly shuttering for the effect, and saying "Oh no, I won't use that dirty thing". Presumably, it was dirty because it was in my house and since I don't vaccum and dust everyday, my house is a pig sty.

I get so frustrated. She is my mom, so I try to be patient. I have had 31 years of learing how to ignore her, but it is hard when she says and does things that hurt Ashley. She also gave Ashley a hard time about having bushy eyebrows and told Ashley that she has sexy legs and should wear short shorts to show off her legs. This made Ashley uncomfortable, with good reason. I mentioned it to mom and all she could say was, well, hew eyebrows need to be plucked and she does have nice legs. I just can't get through to her. I want to scream!!!!!!!

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