Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's a new dawn, it's a new day....

I still can't believe that Obama won. I am so happy. I cried, along with most of America, when the results came in.

The last two elections were so depressing for me. In the last 8 years, I have been ashamed to be an American and a Christian. I have shied away from anything with an American flag, because at some point, the flag became associated with loyalty to Bush. I am a Methodist, as Bush claims to be, and I became ashamed of my religion. I found myself saying, "Yes, I'm a Christian, but not "that kind: of Christian." How sad is that. Our country became so divided, it was "us against them". I'm not saying it was all the Republicans fault, us liberals were just as bad - spouting hate and encouraging further division of the two parties. It just suddenly seems like things are okay.

In that moment, when the election was called for Obama, so many thoughts raced through my head. I became hopeful about the economic situation. Ashley's college fund has a chance to regain some funds before we need to use it. My dad, who lives off his 401(k), may be able to get by without getting a part time job. My friends who are in the Army, Guard and Air Force will be safer. My teacher, who is on the way to Africa, will have safer travels. My family will be able to keep our wonderful employer sponsored health insurance. My job is secure. My daughter's future is safe. My daughters black friends now have the chance to be REALLY be anything they want to be. Our country has spoken, most of us are not bigots, we want change and we have hope. We have come so far as a nation in such a short time. There were so many more thoughts racing, there is no way I can put them all down here.

I'm not expecting our Nation change overnight, or even in the first term. Change of that magnitude takes time and patience. What I have already seen though, is a change in the people of our nation. I have seen people talking politics more than ever before, I have seen strangers come together for a cause, I have watched people who used to throw around the "N" word, proudly cast a vote for a great man. I see change all around us.

I am so happy. So hopeful. And so damn estatic to have a President whose name rhymes with "Yo Mama"! :)

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