Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night Anxiety

Okay, we will start with something funny. Ashley wore this cute pink shirt that has an elephant on it to school today. This afternoon, as we were watching election news, she looked down at her shirt, looked at me and said, "How could I have wore an elephant shirt on election day?!" I just started laughing and she started laughing and she said, "No wonder the teachers looked at me funny today!" Ashley is such a liberal, bleeding heart, it think it caused her physical pain to realize that she even looked like she could be supporting McCain on a day as important as today. That kid cracks me up!

I'm watching MSNBC and even though it is early, way too early for me to get upset, I am freaking out. McCain has this crazy early lead in several states. I have a headache and I am so tense, I can't imagine what I will do if McCain wins this. My daughter's future is at stake. The whole freaking country's future is at stake. After Bush won in 2004, I sunk into a deep depression. It took months to get over the loss. Even after months, I was still so down and disappointed in our country. We did look at moving to Canada, but decided against it. We recently looked at moving to the UK, just so we would have a backup plan if Obama doesn't win. We would need at lesat two years to save up enough money, and I would need to finish my degree, the UK doesn't want any college drop outs moving over there, but we could do it.

On the bright side, it looks like the democrats took the senate. I'm going to be glued to the TV until results are called.

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