Sunday, September 7, 2008

I have not been to church in months. Our Pastor was reassigned at the beginning of the summer and I was quite upset. She meant a lot to me. It was because of her that I was baptized as a Christian. She inspired me and made me think. Before I met Sue, I thought that all Pastors/Priests/Rabbis/religious leaders were conmen. I thought that they believed, but that being a leader of a church was more about business and money making than spreading God's word.So today we went to church. Ashley started Sunday School and Christopher and I started a Sunday School class as well. The Pastor was leading the adult Sunday School class and to be quite honest, he didn't impress me. Not a bit. Then we went into the service. His sermon was thought provoking and informative. His delivery is not so good, but the message is there. He has been a Pastor for 25 years so I think that his speaking skills are probably as good as they are gonna get. If his sermons continue to be this good, I think that I will be able to continue at the church.I had a craving for red meat today. We don't eat much red meat, I don't like to cook it at all. When we do eat red meat, it is generally hamburgers or some sort of ground beef. Today, however, I felt the need for more. We went to Ken's Meats and got a Sirloin Tip roast. The roast cost $20! I can only justify spending that much because I will only buy a roast like that once or twice a year. It is almost done cooking now, our place smells so good right now. I have had a headache all day, I think that the protein will be just what I need to feel better.

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