Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Busy Bee, that's me!

Feeling odd today. Flighty, detached and almost as though I am moving in slow motion. When I am typing, I keep hitting the wrong keys. I am hitting the letters next to the ones I want, so unless I go back and make changes, my writing looks like a load of gibberish.My life is getting busy again. I think back to when Ashley was in kindergarten until about the time that she was in 4th grade, and I am that busy again. At that time, I worked part time, picked up Ashley and either Lucas, Anna or Jaylin from school, watched the kids until the parents got home (for no pay of course) and then went to whatever meeting I had that night. I was on two church committees, PTA treasurer, Girl Scout Leader and Sunday School teacher. I spent my evenings at home planning events for the school, for church and for the Girl Scouts. I was busy all the time.Then I went through a few years where I felt that I had done my time organizing school events and watching other people’s kids. I took time for myself. I was still teaching Sunday school and was still on a few church committees and Girl Scouts, but I wasn’t doing nearly as much planning. It was nice.Now, I am working full time and taking two classes and feel busier than I have ever felt. I am trying to make time for myself, and have a few “dates” with some friends to try to keep my sanity. It seems like the time I am trying to spend with my friends are just more appointments that I have to keep. I don’t want to feel that way.I just want to go home, crawl into bed and read until I fall asleep and then sleep for days.

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