Monday, September 29, 2008

Chicago trip

On Sunday, I hopped a bus with Marge and Herb and we went down to Chicago to see "Jersey Boys" at the Bank of America Bank theatre (Formerly known as the Majestic). When we got downtown, we went walked down to Millenium Park. I have been wanting to see the cloud sculpture since it opened in 2004. It was amazing. I am dying to take Ashley down to see it. The big water towery thingie is cool too.

If Jersey Boys comes to Madison, I would go see it again. The music was amazing. You know, we could really use some boy bands that dress the same and stand in a row dancing and snapping their fingers. Maybe that's where society went wrong, when boy bands quit wearing coordinated suits.

So after the show, we went to the Corner Bakery and had great sandwiches and soup. Then we went to Blick, which is a HUGE art supply store. We got there at 10 minutes to closing, so we had to look quickly. I got a nice calligraphy set, I have been wanting a nice set for a while, so I decided that I would get it mostly so I could say that I went shopping at Blick.
Marge and her daughter and Ashley and I are going to take another bus trip in December, this time to Michigan Ave for shopping. Marge's daughter is my age and we get along pretty well. It should be fun.
So, what does it say about me that my idea of fun is going to a musical with with a couple who are in their 60's? I am getting so old.

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