Friday, June 10, 2011


The Urban life has gotten a bit crazy and is about to get ever crazier.

We are moving into our first house in 34 days and getting our first puppy in 36 days. Ashley will be gone for 21 of those days at camp and on a mission trip.

We have begun packing (Holy smokes do we have a lot of stuff!) and are going to pick our puppy out this weekend. We are adopting a Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup, we have wanted a Corgi for many years and are excited that we will finally be able to add one to our family.

I feel a bit scattered in other parts of my life though. My mind is full of puppies, training techniques, packing boxes, moving trucks, lists of things we need to purchase and loan documents.

I will post pictures of the puppy next week and photos of the house once we are settled in (this may be a year from now!)

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