Sunday, January 9, 2011

My week in review

I hurt my back yesterday, pretty badly actually. I've been on the couch, floor or bed pretty much constantly for the last 36 hours.

I made some delicious dinners this week, which you can read all about a few posts down. I started crocheting a new blanket for Ashley, I had hoped to get more done on it this weekend, but I can hardly move my arms, so that didn't happen. I'll probably post a picture of it next week.
I went to the dentist and had the work started on a crown. It is my first crown. I go back in another week to have the permanent one put in. The temporary tooth has only fallen out once, I'm a little paranoid that it will fall out when I am sleeping and I'll choke on it.
My family has been wonderful while I have been laid out on my back. Christopher did the dishes, did laundry and attended to my every need. Ashley helped out by doing some housework and fetching things for me.

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