Sunday, January 2, 2011

My week in review

This week was pretty low key. Christopher and Ashley both had the week off. They played video games and ate junk food while I was at work. They both deserved a break. Christopher has been stressed out with his new position at work and Ashley has been working hard at school and begins rehearsals for "Seussical" tomorrow.

Aside from working, cooking and reading I didn't do much. I bought some cut flowers for New Year's, which is so unlike me. I already feel guilty for supporting the flower industry, but there are NO fresh, local flowers in Wisconsin in December/January and I couldn't resist.

I did go a little jerky crazy this week. I made seven pounds of beef and turkey jerky. What can I say, I was on a roll. It is delicious and it may take us forever to eat it all. Want some?

New Year's Eve was quiet. It was just Christopher, me, Ashley and her BFF Jackie. Christopher, Ashley and Jackie played a lot of "Halo Reach" and I caught up on some of the blogs I like to read but have been neglecting. We ordered in Taco pizza and all four of us were in bed shortly after midnight. On New Year's Day, Ashley went to a party at a friends house for a few hours. Not a terribly exciting week, but a nice one.

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