Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am pretty sure I hit the husband jackpot.

Here we are at Brat Fest. We are so happy because we just finished checking out the Weinermobile and eating half of our weight in Brats. :)

I always think my man is the smartest, best looking man in the room. (Yes, even when he's not the only man in the room.) He is kind and patient. He talks to me about the important stuff, our relationship and our parenting. He does household chores and pampers me when I'm sick. He makes me coffee every morning. He tells me that he loves me at the end of every telephone conversation. He knows my secrets and doesn't judge me. He knows my tastes in music, books, movies, games, foods and fashion. He knows these things because he pays attention.

He does all of the above for our daughter too. She's 14 and a high school freshman. He talks bluntly with her, even about the hard things. He knows her friends and her interests. He reaches out and sets aside time to spend with her, sometimes for all three of us and sometimes just for the two of them. He compliments her and encourages her. He's as great of a father as he is a husband.

Even with all these great qualities, he isn't perfect. He can be stubborn and messy. He procrastinates and isn't always very motivated. It took him almost 10 years to remember our phone number and he is out of touch with how much things cost. The thing is though, I love all of those things too. His faults endear him to me just as much as his attributes.

We don't fight. Really, we don't. We don't always agree, and we aren't always happy with each other, but we don't yell or argue. We don't bicker. We may banter though. And it's more than just semantics, there are differences between bickering and bantering. Bickering tends to have hurtful little jabs, banter is playful and respectful.

The best thing about our relationship is that we have grown together. We are so different than we were when we met, but we have evolved together and supported each other through every change.

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