Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Things that were good last week

I'm a little late, I was hoping to post this on Monday. I would like to make it a habit to post on Mondays what was good about y week or even just a summary of the week. The goal is to have pictures, but I don't have any for this first post.

On Monday my husband started a new position. Same company, just a promotion. The job will be very different than what he is used to, the people of a very different mindset and the building just a short walk away.
After a stressful first day on the new job, Christopher (and Ashley) graciously helped a former co-worker of mine move her office. She was moving over 20 years of stuff from her office to her home. She is 74 and wasn't able to do much other than tell us what to pack and what should go where. After we finished getting everything packed into her Condo, she made the three of us a delicious lasagna dinner and insisted we take all of the leftovers home with us. Even though we left tired, it was nice to be able to help a friend.

On Wednesday we made the difficult decision to stay home for the Thanksgiving holiday. The weather for Wednesday night looked bad and we didn't want to leave in a rush on Thanksgiving day, so we decided to make it a quiet celebration at home. In retrospect, we could have made the drive without incident, but we can't change that now.

I made Thanksgiving dinner for the three of us. It was my first time and everything turned out great. I didn't do a whole turkey, just a breast, and I bought the pies, but the rest was home made. We lazed around until Saturday when we took Ashley and her BFF downtown to do some Christmas shopping.
There was a big to do that day about shopping locally, so many of the stores had cookies or tea out and there was a trolley running up and sown State Street and around the square. It was a fun day.

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