Monday, December 27, 2010

My wonderful week

There were so many wonderful things this week that I'm struggling to decide what to write.

We celebrated Christmas in my husband's childhood home. It's a beautiful old home.

My mother in law does a bang up job decorating for the holidays. She thinks of every detail, right down to Chestnut scented soap and real pine boughs around the house. We all have embroidered stockings hanging on the railing.

The pictures/art on the walls even change with the seasons. This Santa face is my favorite. The books that are scattered around the house are Christmas themed too. There are lights everywhere. The outdoor lights emit a light glow through the snow. It's lovely to look at.

My mother in law bakes and cooks and basically spoils us rotten for the few days we are there.

Christmas Eve was spent at the house with just the 11 of us in the immediate family. This is a change from years past when the whole crew from the Cities would come down. We missed seeing all of the cousins and Aunts and Uncles. They will gather for New Year's Eve, but we won't be making the trip.

Christmas morning we opened gifts. We had asked for either consumables or items that we could put to use. I am happy to report that every single gift that we received we can use up or, in the case of my new food strainer, use for years to come. Receiving gifts that serve a purpose make me happy, the holiday seems a bit less superficial and materialistic.

Christmas afternoon we headed over to Grandpa's to celebrate with the extended family. This year we had 32 attending. Only two people were missing. The house was packed full and it was wonderful to chat the afternoon away.

Great Grandpa and almost all of the great grandchildren

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