Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Shower

My cousin Holly's baby shower was yesterday. She will be having a boy in March, Weston will be his name. It was nice to see my cousins, they are the only cousins, out of over 40, that I keep in touch with at all. Neither of my parents were close to their siblings, so for that reason I never got to know my cousins, even though all most all of them lived within a 30 mile radius.

The other guests at the shower were relative's from the other side of Holly's family. It was a small get together and there was a lot of laughter and talking. It reminded me of what fun it can be to have girl friends to chat with.

All of my girl friends have moved away in the last few years. They have scattered to MN, IL, UT, NC and CA. The friends who still live nearby have babies or young children and are at the point in their lives where they need to focus on family and put other parts of their lives on hold. I am past that point now. Ashley is 13 years old and doesn't need (or want) me to be around every minute. She spends time with friends and has sleepovers and Christopher and I end up just sitting at home, not really knowing quite how to start getting our own lives as individuals back on track. Ashley is still our number one priority and we do still spend a lot of family time together, don't get me wrong, but the time has come for all three of us to grow a bit more into ourselves.

It's hard to make friends as an adult. I know people at work and at church, but knowing people is different than having friends to call up. I enjoy spending time with Christopher, he is my best friend. There is no one I would rather spend time with, but I don't know that it will be beneficial to our relationship in the long run if all either of us has is each other.

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