Monday, January 11, 2010

100th post

I suppose I should have something worthwhile to say for my 100th blog post. I don't. Sorry.

My dad called tonight and I didn't answer the phone because the last two times he called he was calling to tell me about the deaths of people I knew. As if by not answering the phone any bad news would just disappear. I listened to the message he left shortly after the call. Two more deaths. A neighbor who was the mother of a guy that my dad has know since childhood and my Aunt's mother. My Dad helped his brother to clear out his mother-in-law's apartment and now my parents have all of her things in their basement until my Aunt and Uncle can get it all taken care of. My aunt and uncle live a few hours north of here, and my aunt's mother lived in the same town as my parents, so it was easier to just haul her stuff to their house.
At the burial, my dad saw his brother's headstone for the first time. That was emotional for him, to see his brother's name on the stone. Dad told me that everytime is has snowed, my cousin has gone to the cemetary to clear of her father's grave, so it is always visible and clear. It's just so sad.
The neighbor who died is leaving behind a son who is not able to take care of himself. He is 62 years old and has no income and has not held a job for decades. Dad knows him well and I could tell he is quite worried about what will happen to him. Dad asked him what he would do after the house sells and his plan for now is to live in his car. Dad doesn't really know what he can do to help him. He certainly doesn't have any money to spare or any job prospects to offer. I think that overall Dad was left feeling helpless and sad. Mom isn't really a good person to talk to, she always turns everything back to herself or she just blatantly doesn't listen. I feel so bad that I didn't answer that phone, even though I called him back within ten minutes and talked to him for an hour. I was selfish and I didn't want to hear any bad news. I only thought about how the news would make me feel, not about the fact that by sharing the news with me, Dad was lessening his burden.
I try to be a good daughter. It's hard though to see your parent hurting and it's hard to have to be the strong one.

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