Thursday, September 10, 2009

Diet - Day 3 and Bones

So far, so good. Granted, I am only three days in, but I have to start somewhere. I have only been eating when I feel a hunger pang. I was surprised to find that I have really rarely been hungry. I have been eating at breakfast time, lunch time and dinner time until I am way full, even if I wasn't "really" hungry. Eating had become a habit, I need to try to change that. So, I feel good about the start of my lifestyle change.

I've been watching the TV show "Bones" and I have found it to be quite enjoyable, so I picked up one of the books that the show is based on. The author is Kathy Reichs. I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed in the book. I have read books that other TV shows have been based on and have always liked the books more, just like with movies. This book however, is different. The author uses way too many acronyms and her characters are flat, unbelievable and unlikable. I will finish the book because it is a fast read, but I won't pick up another one by this author.

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