Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shopping and going to plays

Christopher's new laptop and my new Ottomans came via UPS yesterday. He got a Lenovo netbook. I made him promise that with this laptop, he would do nothing to it that will void the warranty. He likes to void warranties. :)

We ordered a new kitchen table and chairs and within the next few weeks will be going couch shopping. We bought bananagrams and some new tea cups too. We sat down and looked at our Christmas lists and decided that we are just going to buy what we wanted and didn't get.

Ashley's best friend is spending the night tonight, and tomorrow, after church the girls will be going with the middle and high school youth groups to spend the day at the Kalahari in the Dells. That means that Christopher and I get almost an entire day together with no kid! We are planning on going down to the Union for brunch and staying there to play games and read. It's been months since we had a Union day.

Last night we went to the Bartell for the opening of "Blasphemy". It was not that great. There were some funny parts, but I really don't think that I can recommend the play to anyone. I love to support local theatre, but sometimes it is almost painful to watch.

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