Sunday, January 11, 2009

My weekend, in a nutshell

Friday night, Ashley went skiing with her school's ski club. They went to Devil's Head, which is her favorite hill. Christopher and I went to Monty's Blue Plate Diner for dinner then to a play at the Bartell (see previous post).

Saturday, Ashley had her best friend over. They went sledding and Jackie spent the night. Christopher and I just hung around the house all day.

Today, we went back to church after a lengthy absence. It was nice to see the people again. There were several people who came up and hugged (sometimes kissed) us and said that they were happy to see us. There were a few others who just wanted to know why we had been absent. We haven't been able to really adjust to the new pastor. He is a nice guy and all, and I do feel that he has a calling. He has wonderful insights and great things to say. It does seem though that he puts on a show when he is preaching. He uses this big booming voice and will repeat the points that he wants us to take home with us. I prefer to hear the sermon and pick for myself what I will take with me for the week. He says "Um" and "Uh" way too much. It is distracting. He has been a Pastor for over 20 years, so I think that his delivery is about as good as it's gonna get. I try not to be judgy, I really do, but it is hard enough to get up early on a Sunday morning and get to Church by 8:30 when you are not eager to hear the Pastor speak. Like I said though, it is obvious that he has a calling, he has great things to say.

After church, Ashley and Jackie headed up to the Dells to spend the day with the middle and high school youth groups at the Kalahari. Christopher and I went down to the Union with the intention of having brunch. We didn't consider that since the students are still on break, that the Union would not be serving! We sat there for about an hour anyways, reading the paper and watching the skiiers on the lake. Then we decided we would head to the Manna Cafe on the North side to eat. There was not a single seat open in the place! We then headed over to the American Table family restaurant, only to find that it is under new ownership and now called the Northside Family Restaurant. We gave it a try and the food was great. The prices were low and the service was good. We then went next door to Frugal Muse, where we both got a few new books. Then it was home to do homework and read a bit and nap. We picked up Ashley and Jackie at 6:30, grabbed Taco Johns to go, dropped Jackie off and came home. Ashley is getting ready for bed, Christopher is talking to his mama and I am here.

Overall, it was a nice weekend.

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