Saturday, January 24, 2009

New car

We didn't plan on having to get a new car this soon. We only had the Focus wagon for 6 months and we loved it. We went to the dealer with the intention of getting another Focus wagon, we actually had the purchase agreement signed and then I fell in love with the Ford Freestyle. It is a wagon crossover, which basically means it is wagon length, but almost as tall as a mini van. It gets better mileage than a van too, and it is all wheel drive. It was a few thousand dollars more, and newer, with less miles. I am still a little unsure if we made the right choice, the car seems a little bigger than it did when I was gazing at it starry eyed, and it is hard for my uber liberal self to drive something bigger than the wagon. It is a great car though, so hopefully this unease will pass.

So here's the down low. It is a 2006 Ford Freestyle. Black with gray around the wheel wells. around 40,000 miles on it and it gets about 26 mpg. The car seats 6. It has optional third rown seating. The third row is stow n go, so when the seat is down, it really feesl like a wagon. There are 12 cup holders, which is insane, who would ever need 12 cupholders? There are lights be each seat, which will be nice for Ashley reading in the car. The second and third row seats are stadium seating, so they rise up a bit so the passengers can see out the front window. The car has cruise, power seats, windows and locks, comes with remote keyless entry and has a key pad on the drivers side for locking and unlocking. There is a CD player too.
Here's a pic, not of ours specifically, but the same year, color and model.

This is by far the nicest car that we have ever had. Christopher has yet to drive it though. I think that is is becasue he is a little bitter that we got this instead of another wagon, he says it's just that he hates driving period and doesn't get excited over things like cars the way I do. Who knows. He usually only drives when he has to, so maybe I am being too sensitive.

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