Monday, January 19, 2009

The car accident

I am sick to death of talking about the car accident. So this is the last time. Got it?

On Wednesday, Christopher and Ashley were on the way to piano lessons. I got a frantic call from Christopher, all he said was, "We got in an accident, get to the corner of Milwaukee and Schenk now!" I run to get my shoes and coat on and the phone rings again. I answer and it is Ashley sobbing "mommmmmmmm!" I said, "I have to hang up so I can get to you, I'll be right there".

As I am driving down Milwaukee Street, I see the ambulance and police cars approaching, just a little ahead of me. I got there, parked illegally and ran to our car. It was our 2003 ford focus wagon, the nicest car we have ever had, which we have only owned for six months. The car is smashed from the back, the windows were shattered out and Christopher and Ashley were just starting to talk to the police officer. The EMS came over and checked out Ashley. Even though she said her neck and back hurt, they said she would be fine and did not need to go to the ER.

Christopher convinced me that I needed to take Ashley and get her something to eat. We went to McD's while Christopher was waiting to tell his version oft he accident. We got back to the accident site and Ashley turned her head and started crying, she was having sharp pain in her neck. I took her to the ER, leaving Christopher at the scene, still waiting to tell his side of the story. We got to the ER and as soon as the nurse at check in heard the words "car accident" she took over, getting Ashley in a brace and calling for a gurney. She took the minimun amount of info to get us checked in and we got Ashley back into a room. Everyone was so kind and concerned. She had X rays and they turned out okay. The Doctor said that it is whiplash, and that she will be sore for a few days or weeks.

When it was time to go, Ashley was putting her coat back on and shards of glass feel out of her pockets and collar. I started to panic, I didn't know that she was hit with any of the glass. I found out then that she was actually showered with glass, she had glass in her ears, hair, down her shirt and down her pants. We were so lucky that she was not cut up.

It turns out that the car is totaled and the the insurance company wants to offer us less than what we owe on it. We bought the car under blue book, had cruise control put on it, only took out a three year loan and have paid extra every month of the six months we have been paying on it. There is NO WAY that we should be at a loss financially. We are going to have to negotiate with the other drivers insurance company.

The other driver. She was 16 years old, driving an SUV on the coldest night of the year in snowy conditions. She was speeding and lost control. She hit our car, which really only slowed her down, she then hit another car and proceeded to go up a snow bank. The SUV was at about a 45 degree angle on the snow bank. I do feel bad for her. I know that it wasn't her intention to hit anyone, and I hope that she leaned a lesson. I am more upset with her parents for letting an inexperienced driver out in those conditions.

I'm so thankful that my family is okay. I am sad about the car, but we can get a new one. I just hope we aren't hurt too much financially from this.

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