Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holy Mosquito!

What a story! found on Neatorama.com

Blood from Mosquito Linked to Crime Suspect

A car stolen from Lapua, Finland was examined for evidence that might lead to the identity of the thief. A mosquito found inside was send to the lab and the human blood inside the insect had DNA that matched a man whose DNA was on file!
Finnish police said it was rare for them to use insects to solve crimes, although they are interested in everything found at a crime scene.
“It is not usual to use mosquitoes. In training we were not told to keep an eye on mosquitoes at crime scenes,” Palomaeki said, laughing.
“It is not easy to find a small mosquito in a car, this just shows how thorough the crime scene investigation was,” he added.
The suspect has been questioned and insists that he rode in the car when he was picked up hitchhiking, but did not steal the car.

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