Saturday, October 18, 2008

update on school, allergies

I did it. I really frakking did it. I finished my Communication and Diversity Course. With the grades that I have gotten so far, even if I blew the final exam, my worst score could be a B. Not too shabby. This course was intersting, but diificult. It was an upper level communication course, which wouldn't normally mean much, excpet that I have never taken any other communication courses in the past. For now, I only have my Wednesday night Computer Hardware class. My marketing class starts up on November 7th, but I have a few weeks now that I can just focus on computer hardware - Just in time for the midterm!

It has been a bit confusing attending two different schools. One is a traditonal college with traditional semesters, the other an online college with 15 week semesters that do not coincide with traditional schools. My reasons for attending two colleges are simple. The online college is the college I work for, so I get my classes paid 100%. I am taking as many there as I can for free. The courses that I feel I need to be in a traditional setting for, I am taking locally, and work is paying for 50% of those courses. I don't know if I will end up transferring credits to the traditional college or to the on line college for my degree, but I've got a ways to go before I have to decide that. At this point, for all intents and purposes, I am persuing two degrees at two seperate colleges. Confusing, I know, but welcome to my world.

Last night all three of us got new video games. I got Beatiful Katamari for the 360. All of my other Katamari games are on the PS2. I had a blast, drinking hard lemonade and rolling up garbage in the game. Just the type of night I needed!

Today, I woke up in "homework mode". This is a rare occurence, so we decided to skip the farmers market so I could take advantage of my desire to do homework. :)

I got into my allergist on Thursday and it turns out that all of my fears about what the immunolgy was doing to my body were correct. I was overloaded with allergens from the inside out. My shots have been cut down to quarter of what they were and I am on prednisone for ten days to calm my symptoms. I also got a few new scripts for the contact allergies. I am still suffering, but at least my vision is no longer blurred and my eyes are open, rather than being swollen shut. That is a good thing. :)

I have done enough blabbing for today. We are off to a movie and some quality family away from the house time.

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