Friday, September 19, 2008

Quick update, okay maybe not quick. Thorough update. Yeah, that more accurately describes the length of this post.

Yes, this is a new blogger accout. I was giving up an old email address and blogger wouldn't let me change the settings that I needed to so I can use my new email address. *sigh*, sooooo I added a letter to old user name and viola! here I am again.


The surgery seemed to go well. Spot came through just fine, and is eating, drinking, peeing, pooping and playing just like she was before the procedure. The problem though, is that the growth seems to have come right back. Her post op is on Tuesday. Hopefully it will all turn out. I am giving her an antibiotic with a syringe. It is Pina Colada flavored and she just loves it!


I got my midterm done, just two weeks late. :( Now I have to buckle my ass down and get my ten page term paper on "female stereotypes in the news media" done within a week. Not to mention that for my computer hardware class I have to memorize every cable, it's official name, and what it is used for. I have to be able to give this info just by looking at the plugs. I also have to memorize all of the motherboard components. I feel like I'm sinking.


I am going to have to miss "back to school" night this year. Ashley is in 7th grade and I have never missed a single school event. I have already emailed all of the teachers to explain my absence (I have class). Christopher will be there, but I want the teachers to know that we are both committed to Ashley's education. I think they all appreciated my email, I got some nice responses from them.
Ashley is in tennis club. She has been taking tennis lessons every summer since she was 6, but this is the first time she is playing with her friends from school. I have to take Ashley and three other girls to practice every Wednesday, and Mike will be picking them all up afterwards. I am glad that she is in tennis, but it makes Wednesdays hard. I will pick her and the girls up from school, drive them to the high school for practice and then I have to head out to class. After tennis, Christopher takes Ashley to piano. It is a busy day for all of us.
Tuesday marks the start of "adventure club" after school. It will meet once a week and the kids get to do things like kayaking, canoeing, hiking, cross country skiing and other field trip like things. As soon as the snow starts to fall, Ashley will be back in ski club on Friday nights. She will take off on a charter bus after school with the other skiers for either Cascade Mtn or Tyrol Basin, depending on the week. The kids don't get home until 11pm or so.
I love that Ashley wants to be involved in these clubs, but I am afraid it will be too much. She has student council, band, piano, adventure club, tennis club, ski club, sunday school and church youth group in addition to school, homework and the stresses of being a 7th grade girl. The activities that she is involved in are all great, and I would hate it if she had to quit one, but she is a straight A student, and if her grades suffer, she will need to cut back on something. She still likes to go biking or running and hang out with friends too. She has the guinea pigs and chinchillas to take care of and she loves reading, so she always has to find a few minutes a day to read her books. I just hope that it all works out.

This weekend

This is going to be a busy weekend. We have the farmers market tomorrow and the Willy Street faire. We decided to skip the Forward Music Festival because there is just too much other stuff going on. Sunday we have church, and all three if us have a Sunday School class, then Ashley is helping out with a younger Girl Scout troops bridging ceremony while Christopher and I go to a book signing. And I have all of that damn homework to do!
We just got "The Force Unleashed" for the 360 too. When am I going to find time to beat that video game?

We are getting new windows next month and just got a portable air conditioning unit so that we don't have to have the damn window air conditioner in the bedroom window next summer. Next purchases are a new couch and a new kitchen table. Ashley's laptop is acting up, I would like to get her a new one by Christmas at least. And we told her she could get downhill skis this year rather than renting every week. Oh my goodness, We are going to be broke. *deep breath in* *think blue, count one two* *and exhale*

Okay, I feel like I just vomited out all of my feelings and anxieties. Now I can go up to bed and read for a few minutes before I pass out.

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