Thursday, February 3, 2011

I love reading memoirs, but I struggle with reviewing them. It's hard to give a book a good review if you don't like the author, regardless of how well written the book is. I'll try to be fair.

Once I started this book, I wanted to keep on reading it. The style drew me in and the stories about the author's life were well put together. It flowed nicely.
I didn't like Deb at all though. She struck me as a spoiled child. People with attitudes and personalities like hers are the reason that people in other countries dislike Americans so much.

She wanted a "revolution" so she could have an adventure. She gave little to no thought about the people who were living through it for real. At one point she even said that shortly after leaving the orphanage where she had been working she "forgot all about the kids." That was when I really stopped liking her. I wouldn't read anything else that she writes, her writing ability aside, just because I don't want to give her any of my money.

I should mention that I received this book at no cost because I am a LibraryThing early reviewer.
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