Wednesday, January 26, 2011

He is lucky I love him so much

This morning, from the shower, my husband asked me to get the pimple cream out for him. I finished brushing my teeth and promptly forgot his request. A few minutes later when he walked downstairs with some cream on his nose we had the following conversation.

Me - "You are going to need to rub that cream in, it's really noticeable. Sorry that I forgot to get it out out for you."

Him - "If you didn't get it out, then what did I put on my nose?"

Me - "The only thing on the sink was a little tube of Aveda hair cream. I assumed you got the Clearasil out of the drawer."

Him - "Nope."

Me - "I thought you would have learned to look at labels after you tried to brush your teeth with hydrocortizone cream."

Him - "Nope."

The hydrocortizone incident happened when we were traveling. He asked me for the travel size toothpaste and told me he had a hive that was itchy. I gave him the itch cream and started to dig for the toothpaste. I had just gotten the toothpaste out and opened the bathroom door to give it to him. He was rinsing his mouth and spitting. "What did I just put in my mouth?" he asked. "Oh for Pete's sake, you need to read labels!" I said while laughing at him.

You know, if I had the inclination, I could do some real damage.

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