Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feelin' frugal and the Golden Globes

I'm certainly not like the folks featured on TLC's "Extreme Couponing", but I think I did pretty well this week. I saved $106.92, which works out to be 35% of the total amount we spent.
It would have been better, but I bought a lot of meat at the grocery store and a $10 binder for Ashley for school. I'm still quite proud.

Okay, now onto the Golden Globes. I don't think I have seen an Awards show produced this poorly EVER! The camera work is shoddy, or maybe it's just that the director isn't cutting to the right cameras. There have been several shots of the backs of peoples heads. The sound editing is awful too, you can hear glasses clinking during the the speeches. The award winners don't seem to know where they are supposed to go either. It's very disappointing. Even the pre-show seemed chaotic. Not that I could do any of it better, but still.

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