Tuesday, September 14, 2010

High School

My daughter is in high school now. Just saying that aloud or typing it make me feel old. I shouldn't feel old. I am only 33. I am younger than most other parents of high school students, but just having a kid at that age is mind blowing. I sometimes feel like I just got out of high school myself.

The student body at the kid's school is around 1800. Where I went to school, it was around 600. My husband's school had a whopping 360. She has been with many of the same kids since kindergarten and is used to larger schools, so I know she will be fine in a school of that size, it's more intimidating to us than it is to her.

So far the year is off to a good start. A is on the freshman tennis team and has won more matches than she has lost and is really enjoying the practices and being part of a team. Her classes are going well, she likes her teachers and has made several new friends. She doesn't have many of her old friends in her classes, but she likes it that way. She likes to meet new people. She has been busy on the weekends too, going to football games and sleepovers. Next weekend is Homecoming already, and she plans to go to the game and the dance with friends.

She has signed up for a few clubs, a music appreciation club and a video gaming club. I wish that she would do a more academic based club this semester too, but she will be in French club next semester when she starts French class. Outside of school, she has youth group through our church, which is twice a month and she will be a candy-striper at a local hospital a few hours a month. She will continue to teach piano lessons one night a week and I just hired her to clean offices at my workplace on the weekends. She also babysits occasionally, so the kid has plenty of spending money.

It seems that high school is off to a good start. I hope that things continue this way for her.

1st day of 9th grade.

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