Friday, June 18, 2010

Parmesan chicken breasts with posh ham!

 Last night's dinner - Parmesan chicken breasts with crispy prosciutto and salad. Delish!

This is a Jamie Oliver recipe. I love Jamie Oliver. Not enough to cook my way through his cookbooks, ala Julie and Julia, as my husband suggested I do, but I love him just the same. This recipe was so easy, it only took about 15-20 minutes from the fridge to table. I chopped the lettuce while the chicken was cooking and it was all ready at the same time.
I love reading Jamie's recipes, instead of saying that the chicken needs to be tenderized or flattened, he says that you should "cover the chicken with a square of cling and give it a good whack." I have been reading so many of his recipes that when I was about to chop the lettuce, my mind said to me, "Blimey, I've got to chop the veg!"

Tonight is the last night that the hubs and I have together alone. Ashley returns from Washington D.C tomorrow around noon. I would like to say that we will have a fancy, romantic dinner together at home, but that would be a lie. We will probably just have PB&J sandwiches and watch some Mythbusters. In our defense, the jam and bread will be homemade and the Peanut Butter will be all natural, so it could be worse.

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Mrs. Wifey said...

That looks really yummy. Enjoy your night together with hubs -:)

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