Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Menu Plan

Monday - Leftover goulash. The Goulash was made from veggies and whatnot that were nearing their end. It has carrots, peppers, onions, ground beef, green beans, black beans, and corn.

Tuesday - Creamy cauliflower soup made with cauliflower from the farmer's market.

Wednesday - Scrambled eggs made with farm fresh eggs and veggies from the market. I'll probably throw in mushrooms, onions and peppers along with some ham from Jordanahl farm.

Thursday - Chicken noodle soup made with veggies from the market. The soup will have carrots, green beans, onions, okra and potatoes from the market.

Friday - we will be out of town, so we will probably eat out.

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jenna @ said...

Hey! Thanks for joining in again. The cauliflower soup sounds delish. Love this time of year!