Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Weekend

Friday Ashley had her best friend, Jackie, over for a sleepover. The four of us went to Hilldale to look for new glasses for Christopher and Ashley. Christopher prescription got worse, Ashley's got better. Christopher is super picky about his frames. They have to have cable arms and have to grab his attention. The pair he has now are great, they are octogon bronze frames from Givenchy. They cost a fortune, we had to special order them from Italy. They lasted about 5 years though, the one of the arms snapped. We can't find anyone who can fix them and apparently the frames are not being made anymore. We have been searching high and low for the right frames. We went to Ulla Eyewear and finally found a nice frame. It turns out though that the only pair he liked were several years old and they sold them to us for $1! We had to pay for the lenses, which were more expensive than other places, so it all evened out. Ashley got a pair too, thick black and grey frames, very trendy.
Then we went to the University Bookstore to browse, to the comic book store to pick up a few new issues and to Pedro's for dinner. Jackie ordered a three pound burrito! It was bigger than her head! We could not stop laughing at this huge burrito, it was silly. We had a good time though.
We came home and watched "CJ7", which is a Japanese family comedy. It was great, a really fun family film. The humor was childish and sometimes a little odd, but again, all four of us were laughing like crazy. It was a good night.
This morning, Christopher and I let the girls sleep in and we headed down to the Farmer's Market. We got there early enough to beat the crowds. We got tons of great stuff. I'll try to list it all. Acorn squash, cherry tomatoes, garlic, edamame, spinach, raspberries, cheese, peaches, apples, pears, parsley, cilantro and peppers. Then we took the girls to the zoo and Ashley worked for a few hours. Christopher and I sat at the park and read, it was nice. We then went to Costco and got grapes, bananas, bread, cereal, cheese, meat, wine, lettuce, pasta, gum, pretzels, yogurt and crossaint sandwiches. We are going to be feasting this week!
Next, we took Jackie home. Ashley watched a little tv and Christopher and I played cribbage. We have been trying to play a game or two every night. Now I'm watching "The Secret Life of Bees" while Christopher showers. So far, it's been a graet weekend.
Tomorrow Christopher and I teach Confirmation. It'll be our first time teaching this year. After church, we are going to the Willy Street Fair to people watch and catch some live music. I have to try to get a little studying in too.
I love weekends like this.

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