Monday, May 4, 2009


I just finished up one of my 8 week courses. It was "Excel Advanced". I jumped right in without taking either the beginner or intermediate course, so it was hard, but I'm pretty sure I did well enough on the final to keep my A grade.

I've got about a month left for my written communications class, I'm enjoying that one quite a bit. My most recent paper was me trying to out-satirize Jonathan Swift. Regardless of the grade, it was a lot of fun to write! :)

At the end of May, just when written communications is finishing up, I'm taking a 2 week, super-accelerated Stress Management course. It was only after I signed up that I realized that taking a stress reduction course that was meant to be an 8 week course, that was cut down to a 4 week course, then re-cut down to a 2 week course might be pretty stressful in and of itself.

Right after I'm done stressing about stress management, I start a sociology course about the family unit. That will be my only summer class.

I have been back in school for almost a year and a half. This is longer than I have made it in the past. When I went to UW Whitewater, when I was 21, I only went for two semesters. My other classes were just all one here, one there at a few different technical schools. I'm still a ways off from getting my Associates Degree, but I am about halfway there. That makes me feel good. :)

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