Friday, January 30, 2009

Communicating with my Communications teacher

My Communications teacher is awful. Not only does she not follow the syllabus, but she just made a change to the way that she wants an assignment done - 4 days after it was due!

One of the pieces that she gave us for proofreading and making formatting corrections was a poem. A POEM! I corrected the spacing and justified the text but I refused to change any of the bold or italics. I wrote to her that I recognized that there were other items I would have changed had we been working with regular text, but that when working with a poe, I was not comfortable making changes that the poet very well may have made intentionally. I figued that by pointing out that I recognized the mistakes, she would know that I saw them and I wouldn't lose points.
Guess what? She gave me an 85 for not correcting the "mistakes" and didn't evenmention my note in her feedback. ugh!

I am currently taking three online classes, in addition to working full time and all of my other wife/mom duties. I rely heavily on the syllabus' (syllabi?) that my teachers give out. In fact, I have a study schedule made up with the dates that all of my assignments are due. In the past it has worked great for me. This teacher seems to think that the syllabus is just a guideline. There were three assignments that were supposed to be available to us as of Monday. It is now Friday and the assignments are still not posted. I emailed her on Tuesdday to ask about them and I got this response. "I will look into it." - on Thursday! Nothing since and still no assignments posted.

If I drop the class, I have to pay for it in full, and I can't afford that. This sucks. Sucks sucks sucks.

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