Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Wonderland

When I was a kid, I remember having lots of snow on the ground through most of the winter. The end of our driveway would have piles of snow that were as tall as or taller than my dad. As an adult, our winters haven't been that snowy. Last year we got over 100 inches, which I loved. Currently there is about a foot on the ground. I love it. I love looking at the snow covered landscape. I love the cold weather. I love having to dress in layers and the feeling of walking into a warm house from the cold outside. I love the feeling of being almost snowed in. I love going to the grocery store and stocking up so we don't have to worry about leaving the house for days. I love sitting in front of my faux fireplace with a cup of tea and a book.

I love winter.

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