Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rant about being poor

We are totally broke right now. Broke enough that we will have to car pool to work because only one car has enough gas and we have no money to get gas. Broke enough that I am considering returning some clothes that I bought last week just to get a little cash. I get nervous when I don't even have a dollar to my name. We were doing pretty well financially, we weren't living paycheck to paycheck for the first time in our lives together, then suddenly a pet got sick and had to have two surgeries and many vet visits and presriptions, and school started and we had to buy a bus pass for the kid and school lunches average around $5 a day. I outgrew my pants from last year, so I had to get new clothes and I took a trip to Chicago for a show. We are paying for me to go back to college and for Christopher's student loans and we got a new car a few months ago, so we have a car payment for the first time ever. Now, Christmas is coming up and we have been making lots of trips to see family. The cost of gas to go home to visit is about $100 round trip, so making that trip 5 times in 2 months really adds up.

We have enough food to last us for weeks, enough games, movies and books to last us for months and yet I am still freaking out about being broke 3 more days. UGH!

On Tuesday, I don't have to work, it's Veteran's day. I am going to take an exam to attempt to test out of a few English classes so I can sign up for a higher level class for next semester. I have also been trying to figure out my schedule for the semester. I will be taking 2 classes through MATC and 2 classes through Excelsior. This will be my heaviest load yet, I am nervous, but I know I can do it.

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