Friday, September 5, 2008

Tonight we are going to have pizza hut pasta and watch "1408". We have been wanting to watch that movie since it came out in the theatres, so it's about time!
Ashley finished her 2nd day of 7th grade today. Despite her desire to hate everything (pre teen angst and all) she is enjoying it so far. They have more freedom than they did last year and she has lots of classes with her friends. She claims to not be excited, but she talked about her day for almost 30 minutes straight, so I know she is happy.
I was such an awful kid when I was in 7th grade. I drank, smoked and made out with boys. I rode around in cars with High School friends and had detention all the time. My kid is so different than me, for now at least. I know her time will come, and I am not just being naive, I know that she is far from perfect, but at this point, the kids just have a better idea about who they are than I did at that age. I'm scared of what will come as the year progresses, but I think that I'm ready to handle it as it comes.
I have decided not to watch McCain speak tonight. I was far too riled up after watching Gulianni and Palin last night. I need to sleep tonight rather than stay up half the night fearing for the future of our nation.

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